Monday, 17 October 2011

Brunei, Here I Come!!

This post will be without pics.  Are you prepared to go through a post full of words?  What is your preference?  

Anyway, the reason why there'll be no pics is becoz my dear brother borrowed my cheap simple point and shoot camera.  Don't know what struck my family members as all our cameras konked-out at the same time.  All 2 quality cameras.  Somehow my cheapy camera is the only one still standing.  CHEAP! at RM0/-.  Ya, I got it as a complimentary gift for being a credit card big spender, remember? (and now I have to repay in exorbant interest for being their "loyal" card holder, WTF!)

Anyhow, I just want to update you all that I'M GOING TO BRUNEI!!!!  Wa-hoo!!  Sooooo excited!!!  Not that the place would be interesting (I have no intention to mean that it's not a good place to visit, okay?), but its the event that is going to happen that really pumped up my eagerness to be there.

You know how I have been posting again and again and again on my shallow knowledge about blogging and its related.  Soooooo wanting help but do not know who to turn to....... and the much desperate urge to revamp and re-name my blog.  Somehow, somewhere & someone must have heard me wailing non-stop about it (you feel enuf with my non-stop cry yet?).  'Coz my questions will be answered at the "Borneo 2.0 - Start up and Social Media Un-conference"

Apparently, I'm going to meet a few of Borneo's top bloggers at the un-conference..... don't really understand with the "un" thing, but I'm going to stick to my idea of not needing to wear working clothes... Hooray!!  After working in the corporate world for more than 10 years, it is truly a different perspective when comes to blogging.  Do you even notice that I don't need to construct in a very business no-no sense sentences?

Will be travelling with a few Sabahan bloggers.  Soooooooo exciting!!  And you know what? If I do get a roomate, the poor someone will be having her ears full, 'coz of my curiosity, I'm gonna ask max-max about blogging to satisfy my crave to know.  Can't help it!!!...... I'm supposed to improve myself after the un-conference, right???

Oh, BTW, I may be hoarding the washroom too.  Wanna look good wa, that's what the top bloggers said.  And if you are lucky, this may be the beginning of me posting some photos of myself.  Crappy 36 year old wannabe dolly-cute look...... CRAP!!

Okay-la, I'll add just 1 pic, but not related one.

Bao yu = Abalone from my July 2011 Singapore Trip.  Slurrrp!!

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