Monday, 30 May 2011

Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan

What foreign language is this and what does it mean?

You remember about the holidays that I have mentioned earlier?  That the coming 2 days holiday is only applicable to my state in Malaysia?  Well, let the truth be told that as of 12.01am today, we are celebrating the Harvest Festival.  As so, that's exactly what the title means.

"Happy/Greetings Festival/Celebrating Elaborated Harvest".  That's the elongated meaning.  Usually the locals will just greet as :  Kotobian Tadau Kaamatan = Greetings Festival Harvest.  Hmm??..... Doesn't sound right, but that's what it meant when you do the direct translation.  Heck, let's just say "Happy Harvest Festival".

How I wish I can explain what's the meaning behind this thanksgiving celebration, but Cincau only plays a tiny part in this celebration, which is, a Sabahan.  The real meaning, you can refer to here.

During this utmost important celebration among the indigenious people of of my land, there are the singing, dancing, wine tasting, beauty contests, rituals giving and many more.  Here are some pics:

Children adorning in traditional costumes
The warrior and his...... "bride" of his time
Children dancing the sumazau

The traditional musical instruments
Blowing out music notes from a sumputon
The sacred crop, paddy
The Unduk Ngadau of year 2003.  Guess who's the champion?
Daphne Iking : 2003 Unduk Ngadau.
This pic taken just after giving birth to her first child
Unduk Ngadau is the local beauty contest.  This annual competition can be fierce. Afterall, its a recognition of beauty from a local perspective.

As a Sabahan, I'm proud of her career achievement.  But as a human, I wouldn't encourage you to her acts.  As of current status, Daphne is now married, after a high-profile divorce (ugly), converted to muslim, with an unidentified father to her first daughter, and is now pregnant with her second child.  Sooooooooo ____________. (please fill in the blank).

Whoa, out of the topic!!  Well cincau-cliques, wishing you all a : 
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