Monday, 14 November 2011

Eat, Drink, Play, Joy in Brunei (Part 1)

I was in Brunei for 2 main purposes:

My 1st purpose was for the Borneo 2.0 Un-conference, you can refer HERE.

While my 2nd purpose was for the ThinkBIG Forum, you can refer HERE.

The trip wouldn't be complete without serving the side dishes, I mean, my other activities besides the official.  And by way of having side dishes, its none other than the eats in Brunei.  Who's a better guide other than Thanis Lim himself?

However, before I begin with the eats, my immediate good-good experience started with the Royal Brunei Airlines.  Its a 20 mins flight, but good enough for a positive experience.  I mean, if I have declined their fruit juice, but the stewardess came back with a cup of water (which I wasn't seriously asking for one), she must be attentive, right?

The lovely stewardess.  Now give her a pay raise!
Introducing my cheapo camey via the mirror in front of my sitting area
Immediately upon arriving Brunei, well, the immigration check was A BIT of a hassle.  But then again, all airports hustle on security checks, afterall, we are talking about national security.... but with 2 counters out of the many?  And the long long long queues to the only 2 counters OUT OF THE MANY?  Dang, please do not blame me if I'm being shallow and not understanding, but ITS ANNOYING.  Luckily baggage claim was a breeze and catching a cab was even breezier.

A short ride later, we reached our hotel, Terrace Hotel.  Max-max A bit of a vintage-y feel.

Classic or naut?? Hee hee
Baggage claimed.  
Checked in with the ladies in a 3 bedded room while the guys were next door with an adjoining door between us.  Okay, I'm not indicating anything here.  Just that err??...., there's an adjoining door.  My moment of  quirkiness upon settling down, everyone started roaming around the rooms for connection.  What sort of connection?  The willingness to grab a wifi connection is now my new found lesson and form of art:

#2 Not productive blogger me, not taking photos nor online  
Where is Thanis Lim?  Waited till 1pm and still not around.  The gals decided to search for food which is non other than....... hotel food  .

My 1st eat in Brunei, Terrace Hotel Special Fried Rice
We had our lunch at the hotel's outdoor pool with fruit trees surrounding us.  Its like a mini oasis, very peaceful, very relaxing.  A much needed escape from my busy working life.

Found a ciku tree with fruits.  Other trees were also bearing fruits.
That's Leanna by the pool.
Unlike us, Leanna upkeeps a picture blog.  She travels whenever she can and take unique photos.  And I can see some potential in her.  Take for example the pic she took below:

#3 Artistic or not?
This was in the hotel itself.  Its amazing the picture came out this nice.  With my naked eyes, that area looked like a mess.  But she saw the uniqueness, and took alot more nice photos of the hotel.  You can visit her pic blog HERE.

Soon we're done with lunch and so was Thanis who finally showed up.  As the guys have not eaten, we immediately drove to this place:

Tarindak d' Seni @ Kota Baru
#4 d' Entrance
 This place is not only a nice eatery, it also showcases Brunei's handicrafts.

Appreciating every little details of Brunei's handicrafts.
The restaurant is located on the building's first floor.  Very spacious and very pleasant.  Not knowing whether this is true, but I heard the food served here is of equal quality to those enjoyed by the royals.  Its afterall, a team of kitchen crews who also cook for the royal families of Brunei.  Wow!!, munching royal food *Ngom, ngom, ngom. Act royal here*.

Food costs B$15 for buffet lunch.  CHEAP!

Unfortunately, I did not take any food there.  As you know, *ahem* I had a pleasant lunch by the pool.  But my glass of *royal* teh tarik was deservingly rated as gratifying, <3 .

With all our tummies filled, everyone's satisfying look to end my post.

Photo credits to:
Leanna Chong (#1, #2 & #3)
Dinoza (#4, #5, #6 & #7)

** Did not expect postings on this Brunei trip was going to be that many.  Soooooo many more untold yet.  I need to *ahem, ahem* be more hardworking .

** Ooops, 1 more photo to end this:

The royal maintenance guys maintaining the building area.
So, does my suspicion of the royal kitchen crews still stand?

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