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Eat, Drink, Play, Joy in Brunei (Part 2)


Excuse me as I just harp the sound of a satisfying eat.  Mmmmmmm!!

After a hotel's meal and a warm Tarindak teh tarik, wouldn't it be nice to visit some places of interest in Brunei?  Well, not some, but the 1 place that boasts utmost luxury and pampering to a gal sooooo fancy the finer things in life.  Yes, that gal is none other than yours sincerely .

# 1 The Empire Hotel & Country Club
This is Brunei's latest luxury addition located in Jerudong.  Here's a pic taken by Dinoza to start our "Empire" journey:

# 2  Journeying with style
Aw, man!!.... the pic below that I took inside the hotel does not even shout luxury at all :

It looks old.  Seem like there's some sort of yellow filter.  The lighting was bad.  Overall, it spells BLAH!  But the truth is, this place is darn handsome.  What's that? You want me to repeat myself?  Okay, the truth is, this place is DARN HANDSOME! High ceiling, gold trimmings, escalators in the hotel hall itself, gigantic resort pool, picturesque scenery, motive floor tiles, etc, etc, all the juicy luxury lifestyle for those with the dough (not me ).

Notice the escalator?
Breathtaking view overlooking the South China Sea.  The pool though, was under renovation.
One of the many floor motive
Now y did I refer this hotel as handsome?  A man who knows what a lady wants, is an attractive man, right?  A man who understands and place details to please a lady with joy, come on, who finds such a man ugly?  (You men out there, this is a golden tip, psst!! Its the inner beauty that counts ).  So guess where did I took my next pic?

# 3
Well, excuse me if you think these pics looked funny, but this handsome hotel placed multiple mirrors of elephantine proportions in the ladies.  We just HAD to snap away and express our gratitude to such an understanding and loving us female friendly hotel #vainmode.

# 4  Snap-snap
Want more friendliness?  How about some pampering session with sugar and spice and everything nice?  Yes, that's what all fab girls are made of #morevainmode .

# 5  A luxury cake boutique in The Empire Hotel
# 6  Oh so sweet!!
So, yeah!!, my 2nd food buy in Brunei!!  B$12 for 8 pcs.  Its a steal!!  Well, maybe not, but since I couldn't get them in KK, so yes, its a steal to me.

We continued our walkabout while easing and digesting the food taken earlier.  Little did we knew Thanis had arrange a feast for us that night.  Soon, we left the handsome hotel , with a mini in a box sight to ponder :

# 7 Was there a real mini in that box?
After a short rest in our hotel rooms, it was soon time for dinner.  Rain was pouring heavily on the street.  I guessed that's where the guys caught their cold and all the sickness hullabaloo.  Luckily before all sickness start kicking in, we had a sumptuous authentic Indonesian food.

How should I describe the food here?  Hmm??.........  pleasantly fragrant, full of exotic spices, delicately prepared, mouthwatering presentation, delightful taste, aromatic, and many many more yummy adorations that I can't think of for now.  But guess who gets the first taste of the food?

Not the guys, but their cameraphones *diehardbloggerheads
Not the ladies, but their DSLR *diehardsnappingaway
*Patiently waiting for the snaps to end*.

Woohoo!!  Let's feast!!

I gotta say this, as a food blogger, Thanis made the right choice in recommending the restaurant to us first timers.  The food was all succulent and delicious.  Very very recommendable.

# 8  These are my favorite three dishes consisting of lamb, chicken and beef
I can't really recall the names of these dishes, but do not be despair, for I will reveal a solution to my absent-mindedness somewhere at the end of this post.

Here's another dish I find heavenly gratifying .  The name, for once, I remembered , definitely captured my attention too :

Ayam Bakar Wong Solo
Ayam Bakar = Roasted Chicken
Wong Solo = People from a place called Solo.  This place is in Central Java, Indonesia.

BURP!!  Ooops, excuse me, but my tummy was bulging from another satisfying eat (again!!).

Phew, so many good-goody eats in a day.  Time to retire on a rainy night in preparation for the coming day's task. *Psst, I blogged earlier on the task and here it is.

BTW, here's a pic of us charming ladies with the owner of Pondok Sari Wangi Restaurant :

#9  I looked funny.  I think I was eyeing my cendol thirst quencher. 
To find them:
Pondok Sari Wangi Restaurant S/B
Blk A, No. 12, Abdul Razak Complex,
Jalan Gadong,
B.S.B. BE4119,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

For reservations:
Tel : +673 245 2250

Follow them:

I wonder whether they do express delivery to Sabah?  *wishful thinking*.

But I'll be sooooooooooooo glad if they consider a branch in KK. *wink wink*

Photo credits:
Angel Bear (#1, #3 left, #5 left and right, #7, #8)
Dinoza (#2, #6, #9)
Leanna Chong (#4)

** Huh???  Seems like there'll be a part 3 of my fab trip to Brunei.  Swell!!, to be continued.......

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