Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Boo hoo...... I'm Aging

Just came back from a trip with 3 full day programme to Singapore.  And frankly, I have yet to recompose myself and still trying in regaining my fittest self.  Damn........ this is tiring.

Let's see:
left KK on 20th
Return on 23rd
Today is 26th

I'm still tired!!!  Legs are giving way to muscle ache, body is also ache-y which I think "kena masuk angin" (a sort of osteoarthritis???? I think???)  

I swear I was once as fit as a horse.  When I was young, I played netball, basketball, track and field, etc representing schools.  Well, as I said, those were my YOUNGER days.  Today, at 36, there is nothing but an aging body trying really hard to take up the daily challenges thrown upon me.  Ya, I know, I sounded like someone who's reaching the age of 100.  But its true....... no more dancing till dawn.  Must rest and recharge my daily drained energy.  Boo hoo...... Smiley

What did I do in Singapore?  It was an educational trip on a Singapore sale month.  What?? Sale??? Smiley   Rings any women's bell that its time for a delightful spree activity.  And so besides the compulsory walk for education, the walk for sale was intensified..... with a younger mate who walks fast on extremely high heels.  What? What? What?  I'm on flats while she's in heels!! Tsk, tsk...... gotta say this, the best days are when you're young.  She's in her twenties, okay......

The journey ended with the perfect gift from Singapore....... my blistered feet.

major Seong man, physically and pocket-fully
Seong = Damage

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