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Mabul Marine Week 2011, I Should be There

This is a contest.

I was skeptical whether I was able to join or to even qualify for a chance.  How can an airhead blogger with minimal tech-tech know-how is able to blog the fascination and beauty of this place.  I Can't!!

WRONG!!  I CAN...... just give me the opportunity to visit this place, and I CAN!!

Though CC have not visited Mabul island, the buzz and beauty of this place have long serenade with its famous cousin, Sipadan.  Just where are these islands?  Here:

Micro to macro : Mabul Island, Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia, South East Asia
(image source:
The distance between the cousins is just a 20 mins speedboat ride.
(image source:

What is so unique about Mabul?  Have you heard of the term "muck-diving"?  And did you know the term is believed to be first used here?  I'm not lying!!  Scuba-Junkie said so. You should reeeaaal-ly be visiting their website.  Its full of everything you need to know about diving in this part of the world.  Here's a pic I took out from its site:

The many-many diving sites.  Hmm???........Where's CC point??
Good, now that I've covered the introduction part, let's now reason why I should be there?  CC should be there becoz of:

Its MABUL MARINE WEEK 2011 SmileySmileySmiley

Not knowing much about this awareness effort, CC did some walking, i.e. fiddling the mouse searching websites with my fingers la.  Very very interesting o.  According to sabahtourism:

An annual conservation program which includes the clean up of the sea and its reefs, coral transplanting, exhibitions and various conservation activities to promote marine awareness among villagers, stakeholders, divers and the public. Come join us and become an ocean ambassador to protect our marine life.

Oooo, that sounds interesting..... an ocean ambassador.... I CAN do that!!  Here are some of the pics I found from Scuba Junkie's facebook on this program:

CC as the red sticklady
I can help with cleaning the beach
The picking up trash trio
Let's take a group photo
Good job.  Pat at the back for the coral transplanters
On the way to the transplant point
Helping out with the transplanting
Transplanting in progress
I'm imagining myself being there and helping out.  Can you imagine that too?  Do you want to see me there?  Do you want to see my future posts blogging about my trip there?  Do you want to find out what else Mabul offers?

You can help me by doing this:
1) Go to

2) And then try and find this post there (I'm still not sure how this will go about.  Its my 1st time in a contest!!!)
3) And voila, it'll contribute 1 hit per view.  So, view as many, many, many times as possible, ya.
4) You have to KEEP GOING TO ITEM NO. 1) AS STATED ABOVE AND CLICK ON MY POST. (I think!!  If you do not click on my post, how to have the hits le??)
5) Contest ends on 19 Sept 2011.
6) Mabul Marine Week 2011 is from 24 - 26 Sept 2011.

Okay, terima kasih di dahulukan.  (Thanking in advance).  I'm ending my post with a few scenic views of this fascinating island.

Scuba Junkie : the organiser of Mabul Marine Week 2011 and
sponsor of this mini contest
Source from Flickr - leafbug
Source from
Source from Scuba Junkie facebook
Signing off.................. CC
(don't forget to do the clicking.......Smiley)
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