Saturday, 26 March 2011

Bagi Betis, Nak Paha

In chinese language, it means given an inch, but asking for a foot.
Or simply, you are too much.

How many times have you encounter such a person?  Opens their mouth before using their head?  A procrastinator all the way while not willing to accept change?  The only way for them to embrace change is when they are being spoon fed?  

Let's just say that for these group of people, you need to grow up and learn to be responsible.  READ THE MAP!! Smiley Oh, it was something that Cincau encountered this morning.... ugh!

"The only thing more expensive than education is IGNORANCE"

- Benjamin Franklin, Writer & Politician

"Our only security is our ability to CHANGE" 
- John Lilly, American philosopher.


  1. deep.

    cant relate at all..


  2. Really? Hmm.... I may need to restructure my story? Maybe out of context? Not in line with the betis nor the paha? Thanks for your comment. :)


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