Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Me, Beary and Bak Kut Teh

WARNING : This post is about a pork dish.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

Here am I blogging about food again.  I do not understand why of recent my posts are all on food when I am trying very hard in losing weight.  WTF!!

I guess my life must be boring.  FML!!

Be it boring or exciting, you will just have to bear with me as, I still want to blog about this dish. Smiley  Nevertheless, its going to be in the simplest form i.e with pics max loads.  I'll start with a brief Smiley LOL

The coffee shop has gone through some renovation.  It used to be a meh-meh place for Cincau.  But in that coffee shop is a stall, a stall that I could not resist.  It serves one of the most yummy bak kut teh around KK.  Some people says the best is at Jalan Gaya, which only operates at night.  Then how about for lunch?  This is where I go to:

Lido, Penampang
Sooooo glad its renovated.  No more meh-meh
Auntie and her more organised stall.  
Do you know the history of bak kut teh in Malaysia?  Which its origin was at the then labour intensive Port Klang area?  Click here for its history and ingredients.

Condiments to satisfy your taste buds
This is the way Cincau likes it.  small sized chili and garlic with light soy sauce
daddy Beary's big & small chili, garlic, light & dark soy sauce
You know the wait is worth-ful when you are being presented with this:

Bak kut teh in hot claypot
The finest "cut".  Damn satisfying!! 
Beary gobbling away
While I'm enjoying this juicy-ful dish, a minor commotion broke out:

Cincau : I want to try your condiment
Beary : Stay away.  Not enuf for 2!!
What la???? Just trying out mah.  With the additional dark soy sauce, its sweeter compared to the salty light.

Excuse me, I need to make an ugly expression:

  Ahh....... sooooo good!!!  What's the name of that coffee shop?  Here it is:

Kedai Kopi Keng Lok Yin
Its a corner shop immediately to your left on the main entry junction.  Definitely won't miss it.

My lunch did not end with the taking of the above pic.  Instead, this was how it ended:

X marks the spot I was standing at.  Being shooed away.
Is the curb for pedestrians or bully drivers? Smiley

DISCLAIMER : This post is constructed with much care and in no way meant to offend anyone.  Alternatively, you may substitute pork with poultry (chicken) meat.

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