Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Would you like your egg : poached, done, or faked?

Just over a week ago, the local news were wild-spreading the case of fake chicken eggs available in the market.  That humans are capable of producing such artifiicial egg-like form with all the yolks, whites and the un-crack shell.  Why on earth would someone wants to invent a near perfect shell-y stuff  and cause anxiety madness to the integrity and trustworthiness in consuming eggs?  Aren't there any other better inventions to think of?

I can think of one, like how to have more than 24 hrs a day.  I NEED more than 24 hrs a day.  Okay, i am exaggerating.  What Cincau really needs is how to perfect her time management.  Balancing her work and QUALITY family time.  But first, I need to find time to sit down and plan the time.  Ha ha, confusing yet?

After a week of hoo-haas, I'm glad that the mystery of fake eggs has now finally placed to rest.  We can now safely consume eggs and be the happy and jolly-ful egg consuming consumers again.  No more big imaginary question marks blinking on top of my head. Smiley  And brother Cheeky can resume enjoying his egg dishes.

 Brother Cheeky, Mommy knows you love eggs, but please do not over consume them. Smiley

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