Thursday, 13 October 2011

Where am I?

My fashion sense........ 
Somewhere between late September and early October, I was blogwalking poking my head into some of our local Sabahans' blogs.  And guess what?? One after another, they were posting their experiences and pics of their ravin' and happening night.  Which one am I talking about?  Its the Hennessy Artistry, The Global Art of Mixing.

Then and there I was like "What the......???  By invitation???  How???  GDU!!!  Why didn't I know??"

I mean, why should I be knowing??  I'm at the beginning of my learning curve on blogging.  I have limited blog sources, limited networking, limited connections and I'm looking at my crappy blog sooooooooo wanting to revamp it.  BTW, in case you did not notice, I'm trying out pink skin now instead of the usual black (duh!!).

After calming down, I have to face the fact that I am now a working mom with limited time.  My kids need me..... I'm without a maid, you see!!  My hey days of clubbing the nights away, with thicker than a yellow pages make-ups, kitty gestures (meow), booze and laughters, are all gone with my "I DO" pledge.  Horrific, but how true.

So after the vow, spanning for the last 8 years, and still counting, where am I now?  Well guess what?? .............. I'M DOMESTICATED!!!

G'day cliques, today's class is about sewing
I can tell you 8 years ago, I was nothing like this.  Sewing is something that doesn't exist in my dictionary.  My dictionary was all about fun and care free.

Am I scaring you?
I hope NOT!!
First things first, this does not apply to all kitties with 8 years marriage.

Secondly, I must repeat here, I DO NOT HAVE A MAID!!!

I happened to bind myself to a humble and fashionably-old school thinking dude.  (Guess who??)  It all boils down to a matter of choice.  I could have chosen the then 5Cs.  Nowadays people are talking about the 5Bs.  Gosh, am I that outdated??? Please correct me if I'm wrong, it should be the 5As.

All in all, I guess sewing isn't quite as bad as cooking, since I suck in the latter department.

Colourful sewing kit
ZOMG!! A measurement tape!! Soooooo tempted to measure........??
I'm going to end this post with myself caving in and checking out the waist area.  The result is........... DON'T ASK!!  IT'S DANG DANG DANG SAD!!!

** I am hoping there'll be a next happening event.  SOMEONE OUT THERE, ALERT ME!!! KITTY WANTS TO ARCHIVE THEM IN THIS BLOG!!

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