Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I'm at Brunei for Borneo 2.0 : Start-up Social Media Un-conference

Oh, where do I begin?  My 4 days 3 nights stay at Brunei was SUPERB!!

You can refer to my very first excitement on the trip HERE.

First, allow me to introduce us, the Sabahan Bloggers Group:

Photo credit: Leanna Chong Photography
From left to right:
Rungitom, Dinoza, Leanna Chong, Thanis Lim (from Brunei), AngelBear and........ (drumroll!!)........ CC.

OMFG!!, I'm in the limelight, putting myself in front as opposed to the always mysterious one.  Well, okay, even if I did not expose my look here, the other sites will do too. Yea, so this is me.

Thanis is a well known Bruneian food blogger.  Having won the Brunei Foodie Bloggers Challenge, not once, but 3 times!!  He is also a contributor to our local Breeze magazine and recently as guest writer to the Sarawak's Happenings magazine.  He's our driver host on our 1st day in Brunei.

The whole purpose of this trip was to attend 2 great eye opening events:
- ThinkBIG, Innovate 2011 @ The Empire Hotel & Country Club
- Borneo 2.0 : Start-up Social Media Un-conference @ Radisson Hotel

For the purpose of this post, I'm going to concentrate on the B2.0 'coz that's the main reason why I travelled there.  This was on a Friday morning i.e. Oct 21, 2011.  Did you know their Fridays is like our Sundays?  Blimey, I did NOT........ until that one fine day!!!  These social media users must be ultra-max passionate to come in on a rest day .  Gosh, lesson learnt #1 : BE VERY HARDWORKING!

The promotional poster and the tweet codes.
The un-conference touched on the 3 main essences of blogging/website-ing?? :
. Attract readers
. Communicate with readers/followers
. Monetizing by being an entrepreneur / Enterprising

Here are some pictures taken during the un-conference:

The morning of the un-conference.  Arrow pointing to Thanis....  
Where's my Traffic? Arrow pointing to Dinoza
Bloggers turning Technopreneur.  Arrow pointing to Rungitom
Ladies from Sabah.  Err?? pointing necessary.
I have no idea why the lady sitting next to me was having the same pose as I.  I definitely felt the un-conference was informative..... she?? Probably not yes too.

Looking at AngelBear online socialising as hardworking as the Bruneians on a Friday, make me weep at myself .  Lesson learnt #2: STAY CONNECTED.

Both Dinoza and Rungitom were representing, though Dinoza was speaking more on Breeze magazine (Psst..... he's the creative director of that magazine).  Having said that, my sincere acknowledgement to for making this trip possible for all 5 of us .

The un-conference ended positively for me.  A novice blogger myself, and sooooooo wanting to grab every possible opportunity to improve, this event was a good place to start.  Some other lessons learnt:

#4 USE MULTIPLE SOCIAL MEDIA APPS OR MEANS TO KEEP IN TOUCH ** further info at end of this post.
 #5 GET A GOOD CAMERA.  My pics looked bad .  I'm thankful the rest were pros at taking pics .

Nothing could have made my day better than ending it with a socialising lunch with fellow Bruneian bloggers.

Arrow pointing to me.  Just in case.....
Thanks to Dinoza for the final 3 pics.

Well, that's all peeps.  More about my Brunei trip in the coming post.

** If you happened to visit the rest of the Sabahan bloggers sites, YES, my real name is "Wendy".  

** Having said that and as per lesson #4, please follow me on my :
     - facebook page at
     - twitter at  

** And YES, my intended search for a new blog name has finally come to an end, *hint, tweet*.  Phew!!...... now I need a web designer to make a "fabulous" blog (ahem!!).  

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