Monday, 5 December 2011

Missing in...... blogging

I swear, I swear, I swear I did not mean to not blog for the past weeks.  Was extremely engaged with office work and the need to recuperate after a major ending at a high note for this year.  It was my office's annual dinner which saw more than 1,000 guests turned up.

I definitely feel that age is a major factor towards my need for a longer period of recuperation.  What do you expect from a mother of 2 who is approaching the big 40 in 3.5 years time?  I guessed when you keep telling yourself that you're still in the 30s', mentally that still sounds young. But once you pass the age of 35 and as every year adds on to the previous, seriously, it doesn't sound as young anymore.  I'm SERIOUS when i say it takes a longer time to recharge this body.

WTF?? Am I whining here?  As serious as what I have just said above, this kitty has no intention to mean that at this point of her life, she is surrendering to a lesser energize life.  There are still sooooo much to experience and explore.  She will still show her fabulous-ness as she colours her life with utmost shades of vibrancy.  Ain't calling herself "Vibrantkitty" for nothing!!

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** Yes-yes, I know, aren't I'm suppose to be a refreshing drink?  Let's just say I'm a kitty loving the drink.  And she is in a transition to bring out her fabulous side via twittering for now.

And so, here's a pic of herself before the oh so tired after effect:

The modern goddess and her gladiators
U will understand y the tiredness after seeing the next pic :

All night standing!!
Allow me to recuperate pls!  Thank you for your kindness

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