Thursday, 14 April 2011

Hey, Big Spender!!

Ack!!  Ack!!  Ack!!  Another gift delivered to my door. 

Should I be excited?  Yes!
Should I feel proud?  No!

I do not consider myself a big spender.  But these complimentary gifts from the credit card issuing companies think otherwise.  Look at what has been delivered to me recently:

courier package : FRAGILE!!
latest gift : digital photo frame
I must thank this particular company for appreciating my support to them though i think the damage done to my pocket is more severe compared to the gifts lavish upon me.  3 years with 3 different gifts.  Here's a pic of the other gifts I received from them:

digital photo frame + iPod shuffle
So, where's the 3rd gift?  Its there, right there in my hands........ a camera to capture these images. Nicey!!!

Additional info:
digi-frame, got it this year...... still in box, new and un-use. Waiting to purchase an SD card.
iPod shuffle, got it last year..... still in box, new and un-use. Waiting to download from iTunes.
digi-camey, my first gift...... using it and loving it, though the idea of having a DSLR is playing with my mind.

Great, tech-y gadgets for tech-handicapped me.  I need help.  Where do I begin? Smiley

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