Friday, 19 August 2011

The VIP Mommies

She's a VIP expecting mom in October.
She is also a VIP expecting mom in October with an elder daughter.
She is a VIP mom of two boys.
I am also a "VIP" mom ( SmileyVIP??) with............ 2 brats.  WTF!!

That's my Futomaki
All of us are at a VIP age group where time is unfortunately, a luxury not to be wasted.  At such age category, financial and family commitments are at the peak of the peak-est.  Hence, this VIP meet needs to be planned way ahead, like a month earlier, to have all VIPs around.

If you are not at this VIP age group and without family, you have no idea just how worse the situation can further reveal.  Maybe that's why there is still a large number of my schoolmates remaining single and enjoying?? life....  and the latest findings that modern couples chose to live without heirs!!  It all boils down to a matter of choice.  REALLY...... if I were to be given another chance, without a doubt, I would choose the frustration and hair raising with kids.  H*ll ya!!  Pulling my hair out, pulling my hair out, Smiley Smiley 

My Futomaki on my plate
A tall glass of ice green tea to complete my meal.... Ahhh, Satisfying!! 
Now, for you guys, when a bunch of  gals meet up, what sort of conversation do we indulge in?  Not gossips nor cat fighting la.  You think we are the Real Housewives of Malaysia meh?  Though I do not mind having their wealth and attitude.  I think I'll choose whoever the characters with the nice yet villain-ish role.  Ha ha, yes, I can be sooooooo double standards Smiley .

No, but truly, as common as the commoners of our age, its more on kids and family.  The instinct of proper planning is built into our system so that sustainable family life can be maintain.  Hence, I posed this question:

Mommies, you  know, my kids are stuck with drinking formula milk.  Like a drug..... still dependent, still loving it.  And milk is getting costlier by the blink of our eyes. (OK, exaggerating.  Maybe with every increase of whatever the government sees.  Yup, that's it!!).
So what is your secret in getting your kids toning down from it?  And so the suggestions were noted.  Good-good.  Make sense.  Not bad.  Okay lah.

Immediately, I took the suggestions and applied them.  Gals, bad luck, not working wo.  2 days later, brother Cheeky was in pain with this:

Torn edge.  Ke-lian (Pity) Cheeky.

Oh BTW, I'm revealing one major, damn, braving away from my usual self.  Thanks to Josephine, this memorable part of my life is once again dug out:

My VIPs.  Guess which one is Cincau?
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