Sunday, 21 August 2011

Wok With Beary

Last Thursday, daddy Beary noticed his sexy shirtless pic while cooking.  He was mad upset that I did not tinkle him.  Pai seh wa.  Shiu-shiu!! (Pai seh = shiu-shiu = shy)

And so to do some justice on him, this post features him cooking (with his shirt on) using his faithful wok.  Gosh, I must have watched too many cooking channels.  Before this was him in Jaime Oliver's character, and now in Stephen Yan's.  Enuf said!  

Yo! Beary, why the serious look?  Smile for the camera.
That's more like it.  
Some tossing is required.
Voila! daddy Beary's signature fried rice
This past week had been a blessed week for Beary did all the cooking while I was.......... clearing the plates.  I have to make a confession here......... (I hate cooking!!).  ZOMG am I lucky or what to have a man who's willing to cook.  And to max-max him with more justice, these were the dinner meals from Monday - Friday:

Monday yummies
Wednesday Drools
Thursday Licky-licious
Friday Awesome-ness
Everyday wok ideas, just Beary and his faithful wok Smiley.

How about Tuesday?  I was away for evening meeting and hence, was unable to take any pic.  Anyway, do not be despair, for Tuesday's dinner is the same as........ kindly refer to Friday's.

And here's my plate of fried rice as the wrap up of a week's dinner by the cincau family:


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