Monday, 15 August 2011

My Not So Typical Sunday

I just had a sumptuous, yummy-yummy dinner.  Guess what did I have?  But first, let me tell you a story on why today isn't my typical Sunday.

So I gave you an early sneak-peek of my morning brunch.  Here's the pic again:

Brunch, the Cincau family style @ The Olde Station, City Mall
Typical morning, typical brunch.  Then we headed for the hypermarket and was going through the aisle:

Look at what little Manja was holding
Still nothing special...... until daddy Beary was at this station:

Buying shrimp??
Why is buying shrimp not typical?  Its because we do not do cooking at home lo.  Sundays are usually reserve for eating out lo.  After a week of working, weekends are all about avoiding more work lo.  Besides, it is already work when you consider taking care of 2 young brats and a house lo.

And these are some of the things we bought:

Not my usual shopping items
Well, so out we went and paid at the exit counter.  Let's see how much was it:

Nearly RM80.00
WAH!! RM80 for a night's dinner.  Actually not lo.  IT'S FOR A WEEK'S DINNER.  Cheap or what???  I say cheap lo.  Considering everytime we eat out need to use "sui kaw-kaw" lo.  The "sui" here is referred to the term money in chinese.  Kaw-kaw = max.

Immediately upon reaching home:

daddy Beary at work.  Attractive or what??? 
What is missing here?
 You see the wire danging above the stove?  That's supposed to be for the cooking hood.  Soooooooo wanting the hood 'coz everytime when there's a cooking session, the entire kitchen heats up.  DAMN HOT LEH!!  Maybe that's why we hardly play masak-masak (cooking).  Since hardly masak, no need hood lah.  BUT, I am sooooo gonna budget for one when I get my next bonus.  (Like everytime I promised myself!!!).

While Beary was the head of the kitchen, I sneaked out and ke-poh (mingling) with my knitly close friends.  Ke-lian (poor) Beary preparing everything in the kitchen while I was enjoying my mingling and sipping a warm cup of green tea.  I'll blog about my mingling next time, okay!!??

I swear I did not stay long 'coz I came back  home and immediately bath the youngs and to allow them for afternoon naps.  DON'T wanna show my kids naked la.  But here's an alternative:

My naked chef @ 6.00pm
Apologies to the real naked chef, Jamie Oliver.  Need to borrow your title since Beary was "showing more".  What's in the wok of his? :

I bet by now you would have guess it.
His masterpieces
Simple spaghetti with canned soup.  No heavy 9 course dinner, but good enough to fill everyone's tummy.  So what's the verdict?  You know how kids are picky eaters.  Either they like it or turn away from it.  Well, the following pictures say it all:

Luv the soup, meh the spaghetti (1)
Luv the soup, meh the spaghetti (2)
Luv the soup, meh the spaghetti (3)
As for me, I LOVE HIM COOKING Smiley .

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