Thursday, 30 June 2011

Childless World

Duh...... this news does not surprise me at all.

The No Baby-Boom

Its a no brainer to see that prices of baby stuff just kept rising and rising.  Take for example, formula milk.  When  brother Cheeky was at the age of 3, I bought his milk at RM60.  3 years later, the same formula milk for little Manja, the price has risen to RM90 per tin.  Of course, it mentioned the improved formula with its infinity and infinity and did I mention infinity?...... numbers of DHAs.  The problem here is, income does not rise exponentially at this side of the world.  It's lame, and shameful.  I bet someone out there is going to say, "you think u are the only one who's facing this?"..... you bet it right, its sarcastic 'him'.  Shesh!

It's not only just baby products, but also essentials, like food.  Again, a no brainer to see a RM1 basic hotdog from a local bakery now costs RM1.60.  All within a very short span of time, all things just suddenly stripped you off from heaven to hell.  I was caught off guard.  At that time, with controllable inflation, financially, things were manageable.  My well planned plan is now spoilt thanks to the non-brainers acting brain-ful. Smiley

Recently I just found out the price of delivering a baby in a private hospital.  Some comparison here:

Normal Delivery:
brother Cheeky (2005): RM1,000
little Manja (2008): RM1,300
current price(2011): RM2,000
KL price (2011): RM5,000!!! But most major corporations cover this as employee benefits.  WTF!  Doesn't happen here in Sabah.

Confinement Lady:
brother Cheeky (2005): RM1,800
little Manja (2008): RM2,200
current price (2011): RM3,000
KL price (2011): ???

And guess what?? DPM: Prepare for price increases
Thank you Malaysia for your warning.  IT DOESN'T HELP!!! Smiley

So, the childless has less headache and can selfishly care for themselves.

But comparing myself with their position, against my frustration, agony and pain, I would not change a single thing.  Cheeky and Manja had been my best companions and their affectionate, true, pure and unconditional love is priceless.  I bet my children say 'I LOVE U' more than daddy Beary...... Smiley

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