Tuesday, 2 August 2011

2/3 done, 1/3 to go

Guess what the numbers are about?

Earlier, I posted on the drought no holiday season. Well I am glad to say that as of today, after extensively enduring 2 full months of office work, Cincau is now looking forward as I brave through the remaining 1 month dutifully serving the office before welcoming the moslem's Aidil Fitri holiday celebration.  Woohoo...... it is always a welcoming feeling in anticipating holidays that's just around the bend Smiley.

You know?? I do not know about you, but for me, when taking annual leave, it just never feels like the needed full rest as compared to statutory holidays.  It's like its compulsory for all to enjoy these days and lay low work stress.  Have you notice there aren't much calls on meeting deadlines but more on urging you to turn up for get together?  Partying time fun!! Yea sure the kids will be around, but I love my kids.  Though brother Cheeky and little Manja surprise me with brawls, shouting, pleading, nagging and causing me at wits end Smiley, but still, aren't holidays are for family?

With 1 month till the holiday, there are two significant observation at this point in Malaysia.  One being the moslem's puasa month.  Puasa means fasting.  Here, Cincau wishes all the moslems:

 "Bulan Ramadan, Bulan Yang Mulia.  Selamat Berpuasa.  Maaf Zahir dan Batin".

The other is the observation of the chinese calendar's 7th month, the Hungry Ghost Month.  You will notice people burning incense by the side of the road in remembrance of the departed and all other spirits; to continue blessing their family and residence for peace.  During this month, most chinese will avoid having celebrations, as in wedding or any other good days celebrations.  It is a belief that once a year the gates of heaven and hell are unlock allowing spirits to roam around on earth and visit families.  I am not sure the distinct difference between Qing Ming and this but for your convenience, click here.
 1/3 TO GO!!! Smiley 

Elated with excitement!!!Smiley

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