Friday, 10 June 2011

This is the season of drought

It's the dry dry dry spell.......... I mean the "No holidays around the corner period".

With the last being our beloved HRH's birthday celebration on last Saturday, that day also marks the beginning of the no ending to work work work period.  Not that I am not willing to accept this fact, afterall, I have been enduring these periods of holiday drought for many many many years now.

The next period with lots of holidays will be end of the year and this time, the entire world will or may think like me.... hee hee hee.   

Yet, I should be grateful that I'm a citizen of this blessed land called Malaysia.  Already this land, a melting pot of cultural mix, has allocated many many many statutory holidays celebrating all the unique background of its citizens.  What more can I ask for?  

And so with the commencing of the drought period, what should Cincau do?  My brain motor is still half committed, but am glad the needed ones are duly looked into.  Nevertheless, there is one major matter that Cincau should not avoid, and that is to enrich my kids school holidays.  Yes, its another round of school holidays for brother Cheeky and little Manja.  Earlier, I've mentioned of myself being a bad bad bad mommy for not planning their last school break.  But should I be skipping this too?........ NOPE!!

So, guess what?  After those statutory holidays, Cincau extends my breakie by taking annual leave and..... it starts from today.  To sidetrack abit, why do I need to apply for my freedom? Smiley  Ponder, ponder, ponder. Smiley

I'm going to bring them to a far far far away land..... nothing to do with where Princess Fiona of Shrek comes from..... where there is a conservation effort for animals, there's a kiddy pool for Cheeky's budding water sport interest, there's a mini canopy walk for sight seeing, there is the batik painting lesson, etc. etc. etc.

Here's a sneak peek of the place :

Sourced : Shangri-la Rasa Ria Resort
Is this heaven?  Heaven on land?  Cincau will find out soon.  There is only one minus point to this place.  It's undergoing renovation and not all rooms are refurbish yet.  Either I'm lucky or unlucky.  It's russian roulette time!!

*** Somehow, I'm in the mood to not double, but triple emphasizing myself today.  Did you notice that?.... hee hee hee.  Oops, I did it again!! (in Britney Spear's piggy tailed look).

*** Btw, I just noticed, I'm bringing my entire cincau brood to RRR.  Ha ha ha!!! Okay, that's too much.  I better stop here. Signing off......

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