Friday, 5 August 2011

Lesen Kelas F

We all know the Malaysian driving license class L.  This means learning.

Then there is the license class P, which indicates the just passed driving test and is on probation.

Of course the ultimate goal is to own a D class license.  This means you are one h*ll of an experience driver.

Yet there is a growing number of people out there holding another kind of license.  Unofficially, this will be known as "LESEN KELAS F".   Lesen Kelas = "Class License" written in the form of the Malay language.  Identical pronunciation.

Let your imagination fly.  Whatever you think that letter F would be. For this has been mentioned repeatedly on the tube and radio airtime.  Allow this picture below to reveal it all:

Get your butt out of my way, Bully aka **!!
Okay, from this angle, its not very obvious, BUT, this is one of the scenarios of the many, many ways road bullies attack.  I'm sorry....... NO, in fact I do not feel for them, instead despising their insensitive and ignorant behaviour.  Shame on you!!!

I'm going to follow Mr. Brown's class (from the tv programme, "Mind Your Language"), and ooops for I thought the F means **"Bastard".  Now who wants to own this license?


** At first, I was using B referring to the bullies, but then I found out that B licenses are for motorcyclists.  Hence I changed it to the letter F.  Again, let your imagination does the walking. 

*** Just saw another bully jumping queue, gone past me way up front.  He's using the opposite lane against the arrow painted on the road.  Here I was diligently waiting in line for the traffic to move while he took the traffic free lane, rejoined the lane I was in when the light turned green and gone past it.  I was eventually made late for work.  What the........?? 'F' you.  You've caused me to be late!!

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