Thursday, 16 June 2011

You Like Eating..... "Glue"??

Cincau was having a conversation with a friend today, who happens to blog too.  And so he was asking what do I blog about, and I said "Everything and Anything".  

Doesn't fascinate him though, maybe I'm being too general.  Okay, to put in perspective, Cincau blog on "Cincau", "Sabah" and "Malaysia".  There...., it may still sound general, but hey, I do not like to limit myself.  Afterall, this is my first blog site, so just let it flow.... let it flow..... and I've just passed my first 100 days trial..... if ever there is such a test. Smiley

I took note of his suggestion, to blog on food.  Hmm??...... I'm not a foodie type of person.  My curiosity doesn't limit myself to food only.  Besides, the ingredients to cook ones best dish isn't my kind of "thang".  But hey, thanks for the suggestion, 'coz it made me boggle my mind.... and thought of this dish.  

So, being a Sabahan, here's my intro of the other dish, besides the appetizingly ummmmph bambangan.

Ambuyat.  Image sourced from 
I've been doing some search and while all this time i thought this dish is a local delicacy, the bizarre discovery made was its almost a national food of Brunei, Sabah's neighbour.  Whoa!!..... unbelievable considering I've been enjoying this dish locally and never is there one soul ever reveal the origin of this food.  Nonetheless, deep down within me I'm still doubting and wondering why not a Sabahan food? Smiley

Anyway, like I said, its a norm especially to the natives here to consume this delicacy.  Its a staple food, like rice.  Taken as the main course among various condiments, be it sweet, salty, spicy, zesty, hot..... well, you know the rest, etc, etc, etc.  A combination of sago (starch) and water produces its glue-y texture and transparent appearance.  Basically it is tasteless, or near tasteless, that's why the need to dip into gravy, syrup, soup, sauce..... well, you know the rest, etc. etc. etc.

The history of ambuyat was that its THE life saving food during the near starvation of world war era.  Yes, Sabah has its gloomy days, the zaman darurat days (state of emergency).  And that is also another story for another day to be told.......

Hence, how do Cincau take her ambuyat?  Dip in sweet-y syrup of course.  Aren't girls are made from sugar and spice and everything nice?..... hee hee Smiley.  Mmmmm......... saliva enhancing me.  Let's eat!!

***Btw, before I end my conversation with my friend, he revealed to me that, I can earn income from blogging, to which I replied............... "I know" Smiley.

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