Thursday, 21 April 2011

Appetizingly Ummmph!

As a Sabahan in Malaysia, I guess it is only right for me to introduce something unique in my state, Sabah : "The Land Below The Wind".

Okay, you are going to ask why is it called the land...... dot dot dot... .  It's a long story. I'm not gonna dwell on that.  Instead here's a sphere looking food that Cincau must introduce :

Soource : Blog Garden
Locally, its known as bambangan.  Its a mango fruit, and its seasonal.  Sour to sweet in taste.  Though I find most of the time its sour-ly pleasing.  Great as appetizer with rice, be it for lunch as well as dinner.  Others may use it as an ingredient for their soup.  Of course, sour-ly tasty too.

I know some of you may say it looks like an enlarged ciku, well the flesh is nothing similar to the tiny ciku-dee. Flesh looks more to mango.  Here's the evidence:

Source : Blog Garden
The best way to take it?  Pickled.  Pickled bambangan mixed in cili with rice. 
Nomsom!! = local indegenious language. Means "sour".
Source :  a feast, everyday
Heavenly Ummmph!!  Come-come, try-try. Smiley
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