Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Not Shiok la!!

2 not so friendly comments I received today.  It started off with a 'him' seeing me busying at my workstation.  He then started calling and began conversing:

"Are you okay?"  I shook my head.

"Do you feel pressured to meet deadlines?  You are overloaded with work? Your table piling up with un-ending work? Needing extra helping hands?"

By then I was beaming like, Hey.... someone finally noticed!! Convey this to my bosses, that the office is in desperate need for additional staff.

But instead of understanding, he broke down and LAUGH OUT LOUD!!

"You think you are the only one facing it.  Everyone with the status of an employee is facing the same thing.  Come on la." He then walked away.... still laughing.

Hmm...... that's not very nice.  I know what I'm facing, but with this tremendous amount of pressure, I know majority would have left their jobs.  Yet, I chose to remain and sit in this chair immersing myself with more "un-calculate-able" pressure.  I'VE INVENTED A WORD!!!  Genius.... Smiley!!

There is a responsibility as a parent to provide for the family.  With 2 young children, I am doing my best to support my family.  Thanks for the lousy comment, 'him'...... Smiley.

So, how did I know I'm in tremendous amount of pressure?  Besides the daily tiring look and unpleasant after work mood, I guess the greatest sign is that instead of my desire to shed some weight, I gained to notice.  YES, someone noticed....... 'coz he gave the worst comment of all..... "YOU'VE GAINED WEIGHT" (with a chubby expression).  NOT SHIOK LA!!! Smiley

shiok = fun, happy, satisfy.

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