Monday, 18 April 2011

Go Away Food!!

This IS..... er...... WAS my year 2011 resolution : to reduce my current weight.  How much is my ideal weight?  Let's just say as long as I do not see my chin's ugly twin...... which goes by the name "Double".

I have been searching the web on recommended ways to manage weight,  and I can tell you, unless you are committed mentally, it will not be easy.  You have to make adjustments in life, which will test your endurance on how much you are willing to sacrifice and meet your goal.

In fact, life is supposed to be that way too.  Things will just be as status quo if you do not embrace change.  Old habits, old routine, old looks and more olds.
Anyway, back to the food....... Smiley  I mean the goal, so these are the actions I'm taking:

1) less rice
2) more walking
3) abstain from food 3 hrs before sleep
4) more lean meat
5) more vegetables and fruits.

There, my 5 steps.  Where's the exercise? I'm not mentally committed yet.  Don't you think you should?  I may.... maybe I will, after I'm able to get a good grasp of the above 5 first.

Yet, after 2 months of glorifying the 5 steps, will power is deteriorating and cravings are kicking in.  Food, Food, Food.Smiley Hmm, chocolates, ice cream, fat juicy meat.... Ahhhh, fried varieties, dairy produce, yum yum.  Do you feel hungry?  I do, let's go for late night supper.

CINCAU!!! Concentrate!! Now get back to bed!

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