Monday, 16 May 2011

Yipee..... Holidays Abound

This is the period of holidays...... woohoo!! Smiley

Tomorrow Malaysia will be celebrating the Buddha's birthday....... locally, its more well known as Wesak day.  It encompases more than just birthday, it includes enlightment and solemnization.  Confuse?  That's because I've describe it in my simplest cincau way.  Do some search, you'll be able to find more about this celebration.

But what I'm going to mention here is, there are seasons of drought and seasons of fun.  Just like this particular one, allow me to list the coming holidays during this "fun" season:

Wesak day - tomorrow, 17 May 2011.  Immediate gratification, woohoo!! Smiley
Harvest Festival - 30 & 31 May 2011.  Only in Sabah. Smiley
His Royal Highness' Birthday - 4 June 2011 Smiley
oh, and and and before those dates, Cincau had enjoyed the Good Friday (22 April) and Labour Day (1 May) holidays. Smiley

Now, that is definitely a period of fun. Smiley Smiley Smiley

Holidays are the best.  Besides its a time of celebration, its FREEDOM!!! Relax, slow mood, minimum stress, and a degree more of genuine smileys around us.  Yes, sometimes business smiles and laughs can be so fake.  Smiley

I'm going to bring my entire Cincau family for a trip of exhaustion.  The sun, the beach, the heat, the tan, the flies, and the sun-burn.  Kah kah kah. Smiley

Brother Cheeky had somehow reignited his memory of his swimming fun time.  So, his reminders are now lingering non-stop again.  Kah kah kah Smiley

daddy Beary is cultivating an artificial bald spot soon thanks to Cheeky....... kah kah kah Smiley

Reality will set in again after early June 2011.  Then the drought season shall takes its place and will kick the fun out.  Back to the long long period behind my workstation.  Smiley

Ugh.... soooooooo thiirrrrrssssssteeeeeeeee for freeeeeeeeedooooooooommmm....
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