Sunday, 15 May 2011

Green with Envy

Some people have all the luck..... and Cincau is green with envy.  Look at her :

Look at the transformation:

6 months transformation : November 2010 to May 2011.  
(ABC/ AP Alex Brandon /
Now why can't I get those type of chin??  Everyday looking at myself in the bathroom mirror, it's exactly like the pics on the left. Beh tahan liao!! (Can't accept more).

A corrective jaw surgery and shedding 5 pounds can magically improve one's look?  I'm amaze!!

Yet, any type of surgery is not an option for me.  No-no.  I am being blessed with perfect health and non physical deformation.  To crack, twist, cut, or any other form of going against natural cure, method and remedy is not readily acceptable for mua.

Cincau will just have to be patient and stay focus.  FIRST, I need to shed 5 POUNDS.  Then another 5, and another 5, and another 5 more.  How am I going so far?  what's my weight by then?

Starting with 60.9kg = roughly at 134lbs
5lbs x 4 mini goals = 20lbs
134lbs - 20lbs = about 114lbs
114lbs = 51.7kg

Reality check!!!  Can I achieve that?  Or, should I achieve that?  I do not want to end up looking like a skeleton.  Gotta weight myself again......

Featuring the ugly feet again.
ACK!!SmileyMust have been the 8 course lunch I had yesterday.  FOCUS, Cincau!!  FOCUS!!  But the coming week, I'll be attending another wedding reception woh (Sigh)......

Btw, the lady in the pics is Bristol Palin, the infamous child of the former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.
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