Friday, 6 May 2011

A Month of Reminders.....

I want this! (with gestures indicating how the toy is to be played)

Yes, you'll get it on your birthday..... provided  you behave.  That was the condition made to brother Cheeky.

And so he adjusted his reminders : I want this! (with the same gestures). On my birthday, okay-okay??

The reminders were like a non-stop rewinding tape repeating again and again and again at almost every chances he was able to.  And this was since little Manja's birthday.  If there is a human consistency reminder trophy or award, he should rightfully get it.  If he comes in second, I'm going to file a complaint and report of misjudgement.  He can be at every hour!!  For a month!!  Daddy Beary was almost at the brink of pulling his hair out!! Hmm, why can he be so well in remembering his gift but not simple maths??

As for me? Steady mommy keeping her cool.  Women are the more patient ones, right??

So, after for almost a month..... 3 days short to be exact, his big day finally came.  He got his gift.  And here it is:

Requiring the pulling and pushing gestures.
Happy Birthday brother Cheeky.  And please continue to behave.

Oh, how sweet.  Sharing is caring. :)
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