Thursday, 19 May 2011

Sick little Manja

Oh no!!!.... not again...... little Manja fell sick.... for the 3rd time.

He had just started schooling, being 1 month and 18 days.  Though Cincau is able to accept the fact that most children fall sick upon commencing school, but at such frequency, I think its a bit too much.  Cranky was he the whole evening.  Just fell asleep.  

It breaks my heart to see him in such state. Smiley  Afterall, I have made all effort to feed him with the best milk in town, i.e. human.  I was sleep deprive for the first 4 months since the day he was born.  It was difficult especially when I needed to resume office work and pump unconditionally for him.  By 5th month, due to not by self choice, the supply ended.  It was a sad day, but to look it from a positive perspective, it was an improvement compared to brother Cheeky's time where not a single sip did he enjoy during his precious period.  There was just too much to comprehend as a first time mom with discouragements surrounding Cincau when Cheeky was born.  That's just another story to tell for some other time.

Nevertheless, on Manja, I have all the faith that by feeding human milk, things would get better.  Yet, the outcome is totally not expected.  Even Cheeky was doing way better when he started school.  Sigh....... I am disappointed.  Though there are other factors that I should look at instead of just blaming and comparing which milk is the best, I guessed my faith is somehow disturbed.  

Anyway, another trip to the clinic, and another set of medicine.  On top of that, I was advised to provide supplements of cod liver oil for better health shield against bacterias and viruses spread in high human traffic areas.  So these are the supplements I've stocked up:

I was feeding the Seven Seas before getting the Kawai Kanyu Drop.  Why?  'Coz some entertainment stars from my part of the world were feeding their children with the jelly chewies.  Yes, I'm a fool for believing in endorsements. Smiley  Let's just hope this works.

Poor Manja.  If he's going to be sick again just after recovering, I may have to re-look at withdrawing him from school.  He doesn't need to suffer, it's only nursery, kindergarten starts next year.

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