Sunday, 1 May 2011

Thank you for the Compliments..... but I'm stress

You look slimmer, what did you do?
Your new hairstyle suits you, very nice.
You look younger, what did you take?
You have lost your tummy.  Looked great as a mommy of two kids.

Those are the compliments I received within this week.  Wow..... just this week alone.  Did someone send messages to these people to artificially delight me?  Maybe someone from heaven? Smiley

Well, let the truth be revealed..... for Cincau have done nothing but embracing stress.  Okay, maybe the failed diet earlier.  Just weighed myself and I'm still at 60.9kg. Smiley...... and the ugly twin is still stubbornly showcasing its "beauty"..... yuck!!

For my case, when I'm facing stress, there are only 2 possibilities that will happen upon me..... either I indulge in an eating binge,.... or on a crash diet.  Either one of these two will only happen when I am at extreme stress level.  When this happens, I'll be sleep deprive, and will feel hollow within myself.  I will tend to just speed up everything in hand, get them done, in anticipating the imaginary weight I carry on my shoulder will be lifted away after the completion of everything.  That is my solution, what about yours?

Hmm???  Let me recall these few days, or maybe weeks, how about months?  Nope, no extreme stress..... just moderate stress-y feel.  Yes, my job commands a great deal of my attention, but it has so far been manageable...... I think Smiley.

Nevertheless, there are other solutions out there... yogas, spas and therapies to help ease your 'emotional' pain.  And here is a feature in our local newspaper on a unique way to shoo away stress...... it's laughter therapy, Laughing your way towards better health.  The article mentioned of this therapy in Penang.  Yet, i was actually trying to introduce one available in Sabah, a therapist who goes by the name of Helen.  I came to know about this therapy while attending a stress management conference earlier this year.  It goes something like this:

Ha-ha,.... ha-ha-ha,.... ha-ha,.... ha-ha-ha
Then we had the snickering laugh,
the silent laugh,
the loud laugh,
the clapping laugh,
the handphone laugh,
and many-many other laughs.

Frankly, nearing the end of the laughter therapy, I thought she had made everyone gone crazy.  It was weird for me.  But I guess it's just my problem.  Afterall, it is a proven therapy to help releasing stress.

So, Ms. Helen conducts 2 laughter sessions a week..... one at the Palace Hotel, Karamunsing and the other at Tun Fuad Stephen Park, Bukit Padang.  These are suburbs within Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.  I was also trying to find out her therapy time in the web, but to no avail.  Hence, I guess I may need to go back to the source, i.e. the organisers of the conference. A group of strong, influential ladies, the Sabah Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals Association.  Call them.

Ring-ring, ring-ring, upon picking up the phone, remember to......... LAUGH!!! HA HA HA HA HA. 
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