Tuesday, 26 April 2011

I Hate You Truthteller

Geram!!! (Frustrating!!!).

So, my dieting is not working.  He said I need to pump-up my effort.  How on earth can you be so frank?  Cold-faced?  U're hurting me.  Sad!!  Boo-waaaaaahhh!!  Damn it!

Truthteller in the house : just got it past Sunday

Ugly feet, should have paint and accesorize them.
Okay, I'm gonna stand on you kaw-kaw (to the max) for the rest of your working life.  (Geez, its only until the batteries run out).  But first, allow my others do the honor:

little Manja ~ cute feet

brother Cheeky ~ boy feet

daddy Beary ~ my buffalo

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