Friday, 29 April 2011

Let's Dejavu!

Ahh.... the day has finally arrive.  Just a few more hours, Cincau is going to witness a fairy tale re-live.  The last was like 30 years ago..... ??..... What am I talking about??

Didn't you know the late lady Diana was married to Prince Charles in the year 1981?  Let me re-calculate....... (counting)........ (triple pressing the calculator)...... (pressing, pressing, pressing)..... yup, that's exactly 30 years ago.  And now, its her son's turn, Prince William, who swept commoner Kate Middleton off her feet to a faiytale land far far away in UK.  That's not so far.  Hey, its far for mua, I'm in Malaysia, okay??

Live Astro paid tv air-time from mua's land will be these:

Download image 1 : Wah!!..... so small, how to see o???
Hmm.....?? I've got 5 more images with the channels' programme time of the wedding.  Should I continue to place them here?  Nah....... just click here to get them. 

How about free tv?  Don't they show it too?  Sure....6pm at ntv7.

I'm going to dash out of this office of mine, at exactly 5pm, pick up brother Cheeky and little Manja from the aunt, then to daddy Beary who's standing by at home, and rush to dear daddy's place for tv and dinner.  DO NOT TOUCH THE REMOTE CONTROL!  IT'S MINE!
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