Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Wow Factor Gift

There they go again...... their selfish characters blinding their brotherly love.  Shouting and grabbing the one and only toy car available in the house.

Mommmmeeeeyyyyy, look at brother!!!  Let go, let go.  It's mine.

Waaaahhh!!!!! Sob-sob..... cry-cry........ waaaahhhh...... grab somemore......

I rolled my eyes.  I sighed.  I gave the fierce look.  I gave the ultimatum...... I'm going to take the toy away if you boys do not learn to share.

Both gave me the.......Smiley.  And the commotion continues.

Just what is so unique about this mini car?  I don't know!!  It baffles me sometime looking at the condition of this mini.  It's red with yellow wheels and steering, it has lost its seat cover, it is not in good form for any kid to play with, but somehow my kids adore it.  Some sentimental values?? or maybe just the "scent"..... you know, that familiar smell of comfort on your pillow or blanket.  Okay, there's no scent.... just that its the one and only toy car in the house.  Here's a pic of the red "Hummer":

Cheeky's : since very young
Hence, after much consideration, a surprise will be made.  The bongsu = youngest will be getting his "wow factor" birthday gift today.  It's got the groove, the style, the rugged-ness, the prowls (Gnarrrrrl)..... well, you got what i mean.  Hopefully, this will put an end to the Waaahhhh!!!, Sob-sob..... and cry-cry..... .  And here's the pic of the yellow "Kawasaki":

Manja's : his first wheels
 There, the red for brother Cheeky and yellow for little Manja.

Cheeky's and Manja's side by side
Is that Cheeky and Manja?
And since its new wheels, here's something for fans of 4D:

Ong-ong lai.

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