Thursday, 5 May 2011

It ticks me off......

What ticks me???........ What would make Cincau feels frustrate?

I am frustrated for I have made mistakes.

I made the mistake to have a person representing me.

I made the mistake to have this group as my trustees to administer my future.

I made the mistake in allowing myself to believe in empty promises.

I made the mistake in seeing lousy planning to this land I'm at.

I made the mistake of now doubting the legal system of this land.

I made the mistake in allowing the erosion of what little cash remains in my hand.

I made the mistake that have caused me in so much misery today.

I made the mistake since 10 years ago. Smiley

I do not blame anyone except myself.  Nevertheless, should I continue to make more mistakes?

What is causing me to this sudden grunge? RON97 petrol up 20 sen to record high of RM2.90

In case you do not see holistically,  who are the ones who drive using RON97?

And what do these people do when their margins are eroded with higher costs?

Do you want to see your already stagnant and value-deteriorating income forcing you to buy RM100 economy rice to realise something is not right?  WTF!!

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