Saturday, 14 May 2011


Yay.... blogger / blogspot is up again.  After they've shut me out for maintenance.  So as other bloggers tapping into their service.  Funny though.... maybe its just me, but I do not see all on blogspot facing the same dilemma as mua...???

Ideas and inspirations were running wild in my head, and I can't wait to put them in writing.  The waiting was long and hard..... and I'm the type of person who have minimal patient power....... especially on road jams and insufficient car-parkings. BUILD MORE CARPARKS!!!  NO ONE IS FORCING U TO FORCE US TO GET CARS!!  THE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION IS LOUSY!!

Anyway, moon turned to sun, the starry night is now of broad daylight, after one over-night on my delicious-comfy bed, I slept through with most content...... SO DID MY MIND.  Everything slept-over and slipped out of memory!!!

Boo hoo Smiley....... I must admit, I have lousy memory.  Any explanation to a deteriorating mind?  My no. 1 excuse is "its the age thing".  No, no, no..... it's true, age does play a part by being one of the most common factor to short term memory lost.

This is what I found : 5 WAYS TO BOOST BRAIN POWER!!

Hmm...... somehow the term Alzheimer's disease is bugging me.  If age really plays a part, Cincau felt like, in the not very far future, my daily activity will be sitting on a rocking chair by the little house compound, staring blankly towards the horizon.  Honestly, I've been taking most of the food as highlighted in that article, but still felt helpless and struggling to keep up.

My best solution for now is to complete any tasks ASAP.  But what about those tasks or dates that requires time?  Maybe to follow the good old ways, tying string to one finger? But what happens when all 10 fingers and 10 toes are string-tied? Smiley

My dear Cincau-Cliques, will you ever forgive me when the day comes where my blog looks more like a morse coded post, guessing your way to understand what I'm trying to gag out?


Wow, this post had gone from blissful to bitter. Smiley

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