Thursday, 28 April 2011

Lost and Found

F - Friendship
R - Remains
A - And
N - Never
C - Can
E - End

Cliques, remember this?  There're more:

B - Between
U - Us
R - Remember
M- Me
A - Always

S - Smile
A - And
B - Be
A - Always
H - Happy

Classic, huh??  Guess where did I get those from??

My autograph-y diary... duh
Thanks to my dear daddy, he dug out a history of myself.  Yikes!!!  I have forgotten all about this.  It was during Cincau's naive-ness years with the then fad to gather max-max autographs among friends and related.  Damn..... that was really naive crazee.

The signatures and names on the pages do not help much in my already age-deteriorating brain.  Can't recall most of their faces.  A few are still vividly imagined...... hmm??....... I hope they are as weight depress as me.... whua whua whua. Smiley

And here's a classic that you do not always find in others diaries.......

Sorry Daniel to feature you here........ ya, right!!
Eat ur heart out Daniel..... u've just missed your chance with the ugly girl turned most wanted hot chick in town. Ha, ha, ha!!


I wonder what else dear daddy found??  Gosh....... praying my heart out they are not something that bring embarrassment and shame unto me as  I'VE LOST A WHOLE CHEST OF SECRETS..... Ack!!  Smiley

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