Monday, 25 April 2011

Joking with a "P"

A week has passed.  The dust has yet to settle.  The recent Sarawak state election has opened the ruling coalition parties eyes, seeing the large portion of the communities frustration to their way of governance. Eyes are definitely open, but unfortunately denials abound.

Cincau could have say more but hey, who wants to be caught in a defamation law suit?  As Malaysia's rakyat, we should be "prihatin" = sensitive towards our country's progress and work on what's best for the benefit of everyone.  Everyone wants a better life, why fiddle with the race cards?

The law of Keynesian theory only tells that where there is large supply of $$$, this will only create greater demand for convenience.  Or put it the other way, where there are oversupply of goods but no demand due to lack of $$$, it only means dead end to the economy.  Which would you prefer?  Flourish or stuck?

Cincau mentioned too much.  How about a political joke?:

A man died and arrived at the Pearly Gates, where St. Peter was there to greet him. He was given a tour of heaven when suddenly, the man saw a huge wall with many clocks. He then asked " what are those clocks for?"

St. Peter explains that everyone has a clock that counts down the seconds of their life, and when someone dies, their clock will stop too.  The man was fascinated with the mechanism behind the clocks.  A further examination also revealed that some clocks second hands are moving faster than others.

St. Peter explains that everytime when someone tells a lie, they lose part of their life, so their clock's second hand ends up moving faster.  The man was going through all the names attached to the clocks and asked why Bill Clinton's clock is no where to be found.
"Oh!" answered St. Peter.  "It's in Jesus' room, being used as a fan". SmileySmiley
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