Thursday, 7 April 2011

I didn't intend to tell this (Part 2)

Did I keep you waiting?  Apologies for the delay, was due to....... sigh, work.

So how different was Cincau's Monday compared to last Friday?

I was pretty much depressed for the rest of the weekend for losing such an important document.  I did not know when and where did I dropped it. I did not like for the fact that I was not in control of the whole situation and was pretty much as chaos as the traffic and the high pitch pre-schoolers.  

And so by Monday:
I woke up early, got everything ready and was in time for school.  And the most amazing thing happened, Cheeky kissed mommy by the cheek before entering class.  Warmed my heart. Daddy Beary later revealed that he gets a kiss almost every day since him assuming his school days..... 3 years had gone by, and I've only got my first!  Its a bit late, BUT, better than never.  THUMBS UP No. 1. Smiley

When Manja reached his class, I was prepared to asked the teacher for a copy of the copied document that I gave her last week. What surprised me!!  She showed me the original birth document and mentioned that I have given to her earlier during the chaos.  Happy was me.  THUMBS UP No. 2. Smiley

Upon reaching home, as usual, the beds were made and the water boiled.  I added some TLC by preparing some herbal drink to counter away the weather now turning scorchingly hot.  THUMBS UP No. 3. Smiley

After picking up the children, we headed for lunch.  Still did not prepare lunch, but it was intentional as Beary wanted to eat out.  Healthy and sumptious food for both of my kids.  THUMBS UP No. 4. Smiley

Reaching home, bathed both kids and prepared more food.  THUMBS UP No. 5 Smiley .  Not forgetting the herbal drink which is a must for everyone during these drought days.  AND, guided Cheeky with his homework with more TLC.  THUMBS UP No. 6. Smiley

And so, I conclude that to be a detailed mom, I need to slow down my pace, learn to not act in haste, and to be mentally and emotionally apply quality time and effort for the family.  Being a parent is manageable if you are willing to devote with indefinite love.

I wonder whether the brought home office work has anything to do with my Friday's mess?

BTW, about Manja's first day of school, he was perfect.  I can't even describe any flaw.

Looking forward to my next full time mommy session. Smiley

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  1. Yay!! Thumbs up for you and I couldn't agree more with you for being there and slow it down, and that kiss is priceless huh? ;)
    eh.. not dungang terbalik bah tu.. it is normal la..


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