Friday, 8 April 2011

It's Lent

Lent = 40 days observation of the Christian calendar from Ash Wednesday to Easter.

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent.  During this day, you are able to see christians of most churches wearing a black cross sign on their forehead.  It marks the inception of Jesus's suffering to save us humans and washing away our sins.  The lent period is about sorrow, self-examination and repentance.   

Okay, my recording of the above may be abit off.  I should have done some searches and read more bibles and books before posting here.  Lazy Cincau.  But all I wanted to record here is, we are being given another chance in life, for what we have done that may be seen as sins, this annual event is a reminder of the great sacrifices Jesus and God had took to release a new lease of life for us.  

BE gentle, BE humble, BE respectful, BE patient, BE appreciative, ........ and all the other positive BE-s that we should possess in ourselves.    

Cincau had added the following video.  It may be controversial to some, hence, please BE understanding.  But seeing this, don't you think we should BE grateful?

I'm wordless..... I'm going to wipe away my tears now. Smiley

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