Wednesday, 6 April 2011

I didn't intend to tell this (Part 1)

I took 2 days leave i.e last Friday and Monday for the pure purpose of being a full time mom.

Yet, frankly, I was embarrassed of myself as my first day was horrifying.  I felt depressed.  The demands of my day job definitely has no similarity to being a mummy.  One, as though involving FMCG in services while the other requires more tender and loving care (TLC).  Why do I say that?

My office work demands me to work fast and act fast.  Decisions to be made at the snap of my fingers and non-stop coordination and monitoring.  Isn't that what a mummy should do too?  Au contrary, being a mummy needs a slower pace, more detailed, paying attention to and provide much caring to the children.   Please explain further.  Well, the below says it all:

I brought little Manja and his elder sibling, brother Cheeky, to school.  I was teeny weeny-ly late.  The  school children were singing the national and school anthems.  I was placed at a halt and to stand straight.  Can you imagine i was restless as I wanted my kids to be in class now?  I am not used to being late.  My time was perfectly alright...... according to my office' clock.  The school's hours differs by a few minutes.  So, Cheeky hustled and managed to get in class after all the singing and morning exercise. Yup, he missed the physical exercise session.  FAILED No. 1 Smiley .  I then accompanied Manja being his first day of school.  The teacher requested for further birth documentation, which I said I would get it and pretty soon, left Manja with the teacher without considering his emotional stress.  Ai ya ya, I should have stayed longer and apply some TLC.  FAILED No. 2 Smiley .

I hurried home and did the laundry, making the beds and search for documents.  Also to boil some water and sanitizing the children's bottles.  And did some office work.  Then to have the documents copied at the nearby sundry shop.  By the time I reached school, the traffic jam was horrible.  I HATE TRAFFIC MESS.  Picking up Cheeky, he dashed to where Manja was.  A minor chaos with all the cutie pre-schoolers and their high pitch voices.  I hurriedly handover the documents to the teacher and sped away from the chaos.... and almost forgotten Manja's bag and bottle.  FAILED No. 3 Smiley .

In the car, Cheeky was non-stop pleading not to go to the aunt's.  He wanted to stay at home.  FAILED No. 4 Smiley , I did not prepare lunch.  After dropping Manja at the aunt's, Cheeky took his bath upon reaching home.  It was then I realised I lost the original birth document.  FAILED No. 5 Smiley .  I was even more depress from then on.

Brought Cheeky to a nearby sushi shop for lunch.... despite being warned not to by daddy Beary.  I counter-warned Cheeky not to tell the latter who was out for work.  FAILED No. 6 Smiley .  It was out of convenience as the kid loves sushi, and it solves my problem with a picky-eater.

By night fall, as everyone prepared for bed, the truth was revealed.  Cheeky did the most unanticipated.... he vomited..... with the undigested seaweed!!!  And so my ears were full with Beary's lecturing. Smiley

To Be Continued.....


  1. adui... those are not failure la.. first if you stay longer for manja, he might start to have separation anxiety, then it will be even messy. next the rest of those so call failure, well, treat them as experience lor..
    and by the way, i love your posts. :)

  2. Can't agree more. Experience molds character. And mistakes make a wiser person. :) Glad you enjoy my 'flipped-around' (translate to Malay) life.


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