Saturday, 2 April 2011

The greatest April fools joke

It must be the greatest.... well, according to Cincau it is, as it happened on ME.  And of all the people who likes joking, I did not expect this particular boss was able to.  I've got more than 20 main bosses, and this particular guy is a no joker.  Just to note, HE IS A BUSY MAN.

The joke started from Wednesday, Mar 30, on the instruction to prepare for a meeting on Saturday, Apr 2. The meeting was meant to be the all time ultimate important meeting of the year, as it only happens once a year.  Fast forward, the meeting was cancelled.

But where's the fooling part?

How about when you are already busy, the instruction came to you and its unavoidable.  Tonnes of work piled on my desk yet the need to prioritize for little Manja's first day of school i.e. Apr 1.  Took leave on this day.  Without much choice, work was brought home.  Schooling was easy, but its the after school child caring that had drained my energy.

Night falls, and its time for work.  With kids still awake, can't concentrate.  By the time they fell asleep, my tiredness set in. And so, waving the white surrendering flag, the bed was reached. Smiley Alarm was prepared for the 4am call.

Rrrrriiiinnnnggggg..... the alarm went off.  Half awake, dragged myself to complete the incomplete.  I DON'T WORK AT 4AM.  Ugh.... dragged and dragged, the work was finally done at 7.20am.  Working hour starts at 8am.

Meeting was supposed to be 10am.  A reminder sms was sent at 9am.  By 10am, everyone was there waiting for him.  Come 10.30am, the meeting was cancelled. Smiley

How the meeting was confirmed cancel?  I called him.  He was out of town for Ching Ming!  And the biggest joke was, he did not see my sms!

To conclude, I DON'T WORK AT 4AM and HE IS A BUSY MAN.

The greatest joke is when you did not anticipate it.  Happy April Fools everyone....

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