Monday, 4 April 2011

Reality check.... you, me and petrol price

Sob sob sob...... weekend comes, and now its time to leave.  Upon turning of a new day, its another working week.  

Reality check..... hideous! True hideous.  Living in the urban jungle, the hustle and bustle of the busy streets with traffic, humans and pedestrians alike commuting to reach own destinations and completing tasks for the mere meaning of "survival".

To break the unending cycle requires tremendous courage, to step away from daily routine and seek truth of what you actually desire.  The TRUTH for Cincau, it to know what the other 5% of the population does that allows them to splurge on luxuries as compared to the 95% whom cycles on a stationary bike sweating away living in frugality.  Books and web searches are my companions as I quest to understand where I am now. 
The news that kept everyone on their toes right now is this. Ron 97 fuel up by 20 sen Smiley

My fellow cincau-cliques, are you satisfy with where you are now?

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