Monday, 28 March 2011

He's going to.....

Nursery registration = checked
Nursery fees = checked
Nursery uniform = checked
Nursery bag = checked
water bottle = checked
Feeding essentials = checked
Miscellaneous essentials = checked

Just short of 8 days to 3 years old, Cincau decided to send her little Manja = pampered, to his first exposure on schooling.  Not sure whether he will like it nor will it be considered early, but for the last 2 yrs and 357 days, he had his best naps and feedings at his utmost disposal and pleasure. Not forgetting the luxurious butt wiping sessions. Smiley

April 1st will be the day! No kidding, on April Fool's?  

Oh by the way, not forgetting, his school shoes.....

 = checked!


  1. yay, little manja is just like me, going for a different place starting 1st April. I think he'll love it with all the rest of the kids to amaze him :)

  2. Crossing my fingers he'll behave.

    And all the best to you in your reposted new department. Dejavu, ya?


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