Thursday, 31 March 2011

90s' Serenades

Cincau attended a wedding dinner last night.  The newlyweds were in their near-late 30s.

I am not sure whether its intentional or a coincidence, but the hall was serenaded with songs, musics soothing to my ears. That's because of the age group that I share with the wedding couple.  Melodies of my days... Smiley !!  Hence, my motivation in sharing a few songs with my cincau-cliques.

Ha ha, I do not not know from where Cincau popped that term, but felt closer with you all by a gang branding name.  Yes, I've branded you all as my gang buddies. Smiley

So here are the songs:

Music courtesy of

All 4 One : These Arms

Gary Barlow : Forever Love

Barbara Streisand & Bryan Adams : I Finally Found Someone

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Gau.  Long live love and cherish togetherness. Smiley


  1. Very nice. :-)

  2. Thank u. Experimenting all ways to blog postings. I've only started 4 weeks ago. I'm still a baby to blogging. :)


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