Tuesday, 19 April 2011

5 Most Visited Blogs in 2011

Cincau is a new blogger, hence is very very "green" in the blogging world.  So "green" with only 1 1/2 months of casual blogging experience, I need alot, alot, I mean damn lots of guidance.  So as I was blogwalking,  (I think that's the term the bloggers refer to when you poke ur head to their sites), and I can tell you, it can be overwhelming........ OVERWHELMING and INFORMATION OVERLOAD.  Gosh.... I had a hard time swallowing every bits of the tips.

Yet, I stumbled upon this particular blog and post that attracted my attention :

5 Most Visited Blogs in 2011
Yup, its the work of denaihati.com and you are invited.  The purpose is to build a larger network reaching out to bloggers who may be potential followers to your blog.  And of course there's more.  Unfortunately, I am missing one element to this work.  I do not understand when she mentioned to leave a link on CommentLuv.  I failed to understand even though I've done the search.  Anyway, irregardless of the above, I'm going to list my top 5, and here they are:

denaihati.com : 'coz sabah bloggers said most Malaysians follow her blog.  And so I poked my head in, and I'm hooked.
sabahbloggers.com : 'coz they provide lots of effective tips for newbies like me.  Besides, I'm a Sabahan.
glad2bhere.com : 'coz she introduced me to blogging many many moons ago.  I'm grateful for her help.
redmummy.com : 'coz the local newpaper featured her as the millionaire blogger from Malaysia.  I'm attracted to her success.
kennysia.com : 'coz redmummy complimented him.  After seeing his blog, I can see why.

There, that's my list.  Can someone teach me about CommentLuv? 'Coz denaihati said by inviting another 10 bloggers to join the campaign, it will cause 'viral tag' effect?  Again, I'm lost. Smiley

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