Monday, 10 October 2011

My Haul from City Mall Japanese Fair


Sharing some pics I took from the Japanese fair today.

Its a mini fair.  Nothing much to see.
Koi fish flags, symbol of bravery.  May also symbolise boys in the family.
Some display item.  Not for Sale!!
Fashion magazines.  ViVi is my favourite.  But don't be fooled.
The one in the pic is the Hong Kong edition.  Japan's is much more thick.
The fair is absolutely small, with not much things to see.  But I guess, better than none since I don't get to go to Japan with my mountainous debt.

There was also the Cosplay costume something something.  Don't ask me what it is.  Its a hobby thing relating to Japan's famous animated characters.

There were many more programmes arranged for the fair.  But I was there solely for the..... gyaru hair and make-up session.....

I did not find the make-up session of any thundering, earth shaking effect.  In fact, I find myself quite "un-comment-able".  In short, I've no comment......... ............ no loh, I thought it was going to really create an applause-able scene lo, something that I can praise that it was what I was hoping for lo, but instead I couldn't even be bothered to take more pics when they were catwalking and posing for the longest  hour which others kept flashing and clicking their cameras away.  Nevertheless, I would not say it had terribly let me down.  Still, I had enjoyed my time there.

Well, that's about my wrap for this fair.  But I must say, the fair was from Friday to Sunday and I was only there for Sunday....... .........  bluff you one la, actually I was there on Friday night, Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning and later afternoon.  City Mall is like my 2nd home okay, its near where I stay, and its equipped with what I need.  Though is a smaller mall compared to others, but with its proximity, its better than travelling down to city centre.  My opinion only ya, you could also say that I'm lazy to travel downtown ya .

Oh BTW, show you my haul from the fair...... I didn't get anything!!  Though I was entice to get something, but I have to really discipline myself and start reducing my mountainous debt to a hill and eventually zit it out.  Besides, I have just recently visited Sasa and bought a bunch of stuff there.  Yet I'm not souring out here, for this is the only consolation for myself:

Free manicure session by Borneo Creative Academy.
The same beautician who did the gyaru make-up made my nails. Super happy!!
My artistry nails.  Chio or not? Hee hee.... mad luving them. 

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