Friday, 7 October 2011

Are you into Gyaru?

Frankly speaking, I don't even know how extensive is my knowledge about Japanese fashion..... but when I read some of the top bloggers kept oozing and aah-ing about it, and using the term "gyaru", I just thought of..... "Hey, y not just use this term for the title?"

Why?, you may ask.  The below pic says it all:

City Mall is holding a Japanese fair this weekend i.e from today (7th Oct) till Sunday (9th Oct).  I was there yesterday.  The crews were busying putting up the props.

A busy person I am, I will still make effort to visit the fair.  I am hoping there will be fashion, make-ups and some cute-sy stuff.  But no stuff dolls for me please.  I no longer fancy those.  I have outgrown to scream for more of such toys. Nevertheless, I do not mind to recollect my naive younger self of so damn drooling those cute cartoon characters which...... remains cute and uptrend while I continue to spot signs of aging. WTF!

My companions of my younger days.  Ahh!!.... Hello Kitty!!!
Fashion!!!  I hope there will be modeling.  Wanna see some models catwalking and parading their gyaru style.  Wanna some affirmation??...... assuring??...... comfort??....... peace of mind??..... errr......, whatever you call it, that their fashion suits our hot hot hot weather.  I want super kawaii clothing for sweaty Sabah!!

Ohayo Gozaimasu = Good morning
So do not miss the fair.  For the boyfriends, do bring your girlfriends to this fair 'coz she will love you damn max for being so attentive and considerate of her feelings.  Come on, I'll give you some support..... GAMBATEH!!

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