Sunday, 2 October 2011

Mad Week

Again, I did not complete my last post due to my enormous busy schedules.  FML!!

So here is my incomplete post done on Thursday:

I am totally not at ease now.  There are 2 things that I'm trying very hard to handle:

1) I'm trying to control my ravaging hormone
2) I'm trying to keep my composure and abstaining from a blowout

I mean, I've set goals for today.  And I really wanted to accomplish them by day end.  But sometimes, things just do not go the way we always wanted.  And to further worsen the situation, there is the PMS going on.  I'm not gonna lie that I do not have PMS.  There!!....... I told the truth, so don't come to me and ask blank face "what's wrong with you??" I'm ravaging inside, idiot!!

So there, I didn't manage to finish my office workload today.  FINE!!  But my amplified attitude for today's sale, yes today is Metrojaya members sale, was dampened.  My constant reminders to Beary that I wanted to splurge for a day was splashed with cold water by his truly.  Where are the okays?  Where are the bolehs?  I really, really wanted to be there 'coz I can't for tomorrow.  Why on earth am I tied down for an office dinner tomorrow?  I'VE ONLY GOT TODAY!!

Yet, Beary had a very valid reason for not making to the sale tonite.  I can see the priority which exerts my sale wanted-ness.  Mine is only a want, while he's is a need.  Sigh......

Yet all in all for what happened today, I guess its a blessing in disguise.  I am glad for:

1) I am still able to control myself from a PMS hooligan
2) I am able to keep the dollars in my pockets

The post was cut short 'coz I was babysitting my kids.  At my own capacity, I absolutely could not afford to bring both of them out.  They are BOYS.  What do they know about mummy needing all the pampering session she dearly wanting?  Thank you, but I would rather stay put at home than running and chasing my loads which will definitely end with myself falling short of enjoying a sale.  For god sake, I can't even complete a post!!

** I have no idea y blogger is messing with my post.  I'm seeing the post structured nicely, but it came out with multiple empty spacings between paragraphs.  WTF!!

Have to cut short for this post too.  This week is NOT my week. :(

I'm going through a mad mad mad week  :(((

After the storm ends, the sun will shine ~ Italian proverb

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