Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Six Months Later......

Today marks the 6 months point of my blogging journey........ that was a week ago i.e. 5th Sept.

I meant to post this earlier, but then the Mabul Marine Week contest captured my attention, and so I posted that out first.  Support me to Mabul, by clicking this link.  Though I feel my chances are slim, as I have yet to attract a large readers to follow my blog.  Anyway, to those who had supported, I bow to thank you.  Arigato!!

And so, being new to blogging, I didn't really visit lots of blogs as guidance to start off with.  I started blogging was because of this article.  The article was glaring in front of me like diamonds and gold.  IT'S EXAGGERATING!!  Yes, but its true.  You know how the motivation gurus said, as one door shuts, another opens up.  Though my current door has not slam shut yet, there is no harm looking at other opportunities.

As the opposite of a tech-y geek, I find myself facing my own phobia.  I do not like to be mentally challenge when it comes to computer stuff.  Can you imagine I did not know of the supposed running of the antivirus manually?  I thought its always auto scan but not according to the technician when my pc was sent for repair...... due to virus attacking my pc files.  Okay, at this point, either the technician is a total hopeless dude or I'm hopeless.  Both ways, I know I looked like a cuckoo bimbo easily being conned.  But that's how severe am I on computer stuff.

Yet, technology is pushing everyone to accept that the future is all about computer and its related.  My recent trip to Singapore, one of the stops was at the LTA.  Their final exhibit was on projecting the future of transportation ease-ness in Singapore.  Again, the high dependency on computers.  Hence, whether you like it or not, you have to embrace techs advances.

Me & my lack of focus skill
CC is............ the one behind the camera who took this pic.
As I journeyed on in the blogsphere, I can't be forever doing the guessing game whether am I doing right, right???  Hence, I did alot of blog walking...... ALOT ALOT ALOT.  I bumped into some of the most successful and influential bloggers' blogs.  My, am I amazed.

And so, I experimented and tried out various methods of producing a blogpost.  You can see glaring differences from my first post to my recent current ones. My first initial thought was to posts on information and sharing.... yet I do have this notion telling me that if I can find on web, so do others.  Why the need to repeat??  From all these walking, I tried to pick up ideas and adopt them to my blogging skills.  The result was a staggering difference.  The recent month saw my hits counter running wild (again exaggerating!!....fairly only la) compared to previous months.

Six months, and a hunger-ness to learn more, made me realise my current blog is not what I visioned and projected for long term use.  It lacks the "welcoming" potion..... yea, I said potion, like drug.  Ha ha ha.  No, really, even for myself, I find myself looking at my blog and have this MEH blahs sensation.  NOT beautiful la.    The more I tried to adjust it, the worse it became.  Feels like strangling someone......... daddy Beary?? Poor guy, my best companion yet enduring all my fickle mindedness.

And so, I'm putting on my thinking cap again...... if I am serious about blogging, I then really need to start dedicating time and do something about it.  The time management between a full time job, a mom, a wife, a daughter, a blogger and etc etc etc is really isn't at the snap of my fingers.  24 hrs a day is just not enough.

So, I'm ending this post with a video by Project Alpha featuring one of Malaysia's top blogger, Cheesie.  For the ladies, listen to what she said.  'Coz her "fairly simple" way to blog is revealed.

Final note, Be Prepared!!  One of these days, CC's will feature her ownself with a "fairly simple" looking good pic.
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