Thursday, 15 September 2011

Recoloured my blog

ZOMG..... thank god I'm back with the original colour of my blog template.  My attempt to brighten up my blog ended with myself almost losing my mojo.   Glad that I found my senses again.  For those who are not regular followers, here's a pic of the "indifferent" colour:

Am I attractive?
I adopted a different colour 'coz of the advise from top bloggers.  In my attempt to make my blog more "cheerful", it ended with myself dying of cuteness suffocation.  I dare to say I'm a practical person and do not really  fall in the category of being "in the air".  Au contrary, I have both of my feet firmly on the ground.  So, colours do influence one person.  It definitely made me realised that I'm a no nonsense person.  Is that good or bad?  Let's just say there are pros and cons.

No offense to those who had better blogs than me, in terms of beauty.  As a practical person, I know that my blog looks blah.  I'm thinking hard whether I should get professional help on revamping it.  Then I can try out with a variety of colours, even the cheerful ones.  A chance to explore and screw the poor professionals until I'm satisfied??  Okay, not screwing....... but seek advise (  polite max).

Now that I have recollected myself, let me share with you one other meh news.

Mabul Marine Week Mini Bloggers Contest hits ranking as for today:

1. Sabrina Aripen = 170 Hits
2. Jean Ivy = 122 Hits
3. Rollens = 212 Hits
4. Cutebun = 578 Hits
5. Wyne = 161
6. Angelina = 327
7. Cincau4all = 130

Show your support to our contestants! Just few more days before the closing date!

Sucks isn't it?  Look at my meh placing.  Contest ends on 19th, i.e. this coming Monday.  I doubt I'll be able to make great changes to the ranking.  I do not blame the outcome as these people have experience.  I mean they've spend years blogging.  As you know, I have just hit my 1/2 year mark.  Soooo damn lacking in the know-how department.  WTF!  BTW, if you are still interested to know about this contest, you can click here.  Maybe a miracle will happen??  

Tomorrow is another holiday in Malaysia.  Its only a day and again, no plans.  The usual independence day parade is now scheduled for tomorrow.  It used to be on 31st August which is another holiday.  SO MANY HOLIDAYS.  SPORADIC SOME MORE.  Not that I'm not happy about it, its just that its a bit....... disturbing my drive to progress.  Its hard for me to express here.  How should I say it?? 

Anyway, as a practical person, I'm trying hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Tsk, tsk, .... darling CC is striving to make a change here.  FOR THE BETTER, THAT IS!!  

Happy Malaysia Day  

Skying Malaysia's Flag
The National flag and the State of Sabah flag.  Sourced from

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