Saturday, 10 September 2011

B is for Busy

Hello CC-cliques,

I've been busy lately.  Workload is picking up again and this time it'll drag for about 3 months.  Nevertheless, I won't be forgetting you.

Lately been doing alot of thinking and is reassessing myself.  This always happens when the equation is upset i.e. 1 + 1 does not equal 2.  This was mentioned on my fb page.  So, join me at fb for mini ramblings and muses.

And also not forgetting, my previous post on the contest to Mabul Island, it is still on going and you can help me by contributing hits to my post.  Just click here, this link.   For those who are reading this with the imaginary question marks appearing on top of their heads Smiley, you can refer to my previous post.

Ending here with a pic of Mabul Island........ Luv.

mabul island Pictures, Images and Photos
Island Paradise - Mabul (source from
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